Last Week in Podcasts

Here is a breakdown of the best podcasts I listened to last week.

Masters in Business – Interview with Marc Andreesen (82 min)

Barry Ritholtz, the CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, interviews Marc Andreesen, legendary entrepreneur and venture capitalist about his upbringing in the rural Midwest and how it affects all his decisions, his founding of the companies Netscape and LoudCloud, and life as a VC in today’s Silicon Valley.

How to Build the Future with Elon Musk (22 min)

Elon Musk joins Sam Altman of Y Combinator to talk about rocket technology, the five areas of the future he would focus on if he was starting his career again, and ends with some of his favorite video games.

Exponent – Business Matters Ep. 115 (60 min)

Ben Thompson and James Allworth discuss Boring Google, Google I/O, the future of driverless cars, and why Uber is in trouble.

Planet Money – Spreadsheets (20 min)

Before Microsoft Excel, spreadsheets would all completed by hand.  That means one correction or what-if scenario, would mean hours of recalculation.  With the invention of the spreadsheet, the amount of man-hours decreased exponentially.  This led to 400,000 clerk and data entry positions being lost.  However, it led to 600,000 new positions for accountants due to the much lower cost of entering the profession and the ability to now run hundreds of more scenarios.

This Week in Startups – The Syndicate E732 (73 min)

Seven top startups get the chance to present their business pitches to a room full of investors to raise money for their ventures.  Each pitch is three minutes long and is followed by six minutes of Q&A.  The business were all extremely interesting and tackled a new niche or market.  In one of my classes this semester, I created a business plan for an asthma application and it was definitely a surprise when I heard a pitch in this episode that was looking to tackle similar problems.

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