Last Week in Podcasts

Mark Zuckerberg: Imperfect is Perfect Episode 4 (34 min)

Mark Zuckerberg sits down with Reid Hoffman, chairman of LinkedIn and VC at Greylock Partners, on his mantra, “Move Fast and Break Things” and how it eventually evolved to “Move Fast with Solid Infrastructure”.

Space: The Next Investment Frontier (24 min)

Goldman Sachs’ Noah Poponak talks about the future of private investment in space and how the frontier that was once only for governments is now spurring innovation from private companies and driving down the price of each launch.

Can Facebook Help You Talk to Businesses? (55 min)

Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, boss talks about the future of messaging and the interaction between consumers and companies.

Co-Founder of Tesla, Marc Tarpenning (83 min)

Elon Musk was not actually the founder of Tesla, but it was actually Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, who started the company by trying to improve on the current lithium ion battery technology.  After starting NuvoMedia, the precursor to the Nook and Kindle, Marc began searching for his next project and attempted to be the first car start-up to succeed since Chrysler in 1925.

Iger 2020? (62 min)

Bob Iger originally wanted to become a meteorologist, but then decided in his mid-20s to instead go into the management side of TV.  The now CEO of Disney talks about the future of Star Wars, why he bought Pixar, and his future political ambitions.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: Career Secrets I Used to Reach the Top (43 min)

Tim Armstrong discussed his first job out of college in sales when the internet advertising business was just starting, the largest internet ad sale in history at the time, what it’s like to be interviewed by Sergey and Larry, the founders of Google, and the future of AOL.

Blockchain Beauty Contest (60 min)

Ben Thompson discussed the sudden, sharp rise in Bitcoin and all things myths.

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